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  • Instant access to Member’s Training Center hosted with third-party secure training host.

  • Access the training and jobs through their secure (SSL) server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays).

  • Choose from all the top online jobs being performed today provided in the Member’s’ Training Center.

  • It is up to you on which job program to choose. We don’t place any requirements on which jobs you perform.

  • Go through the detailed training for your selected jobs.

  • Apply your job skill knowledge you have learned from training to the provided jobs and resources.

  • Never pay us any fees for upgrades, jobs or ever pay for the program we provide.

  • Start earning income working online from the comfort of your own home.

  • Tell your friends and family about our great program…or keep a secret if you choose!

If you need more information or have questions before joining, go to our Knowledge Base where we provide answers to frequently asked questions about our program.


Follow the steps on this page to get set up with your membership account.





Check Membership Availability

We do provide memberships when available and will keep an updated status on this page. If you come to this page and see there are no memberships available, check back often. You can also contact us and get on a waiting list and will be notified when first available.




The amount of memberships available is determined by the work flow based and the number of members. We need to make sure there is plenty of work for our current members so we always make sure we don’t have too many members for the work flow available.

Basic Program Requirements


List below are the basic requirement for our Scam Free Jobs program:

  • Computer (desktop), laptop or tablet – NO SMARTPHONES.

  • Any of the following operating systems (Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000, Vista, 7 or 8) or any Mac OSX or Linux.

  • Internet connection high speed or dial up (dial up will just take longer for training and job pages to load).

  • A training and job center host account (we will direct you to the third-party source below to set up training host).

  • Most important a willing to put in an effort to do the training and apply yourself to the jobs.

Once you have determined you meet the requirements, please set up your hosting account below to get instant access.


Online Training & Jobs Hosting Account

To provide our complete free training and job program we use a third-party host through

The reason using a third-party hosting solution is required is to allow a secure working environment with no performance loss because of large amount of data transfer and bandwidth use for a a large amount of members of our program.

Using a secure online hosting account is also required by many of the companies to be on a secure (SSL) dedicated server.  By using Online Training Host’s secure hosting accounts will satisfy this for the companies.

There is no set up or technical requirements on your part. This is all done seamlessly by Online Training Host. All you will need to do is set up your username and password and login to get started once you account is set up.

Online Training Host does offer a 100% Free shared hosting account if you prefer!

Two Options to Choose When Signing Up With Training & Job Host Provider:

Option 1 – Shared Training Host Account

Online Training Host provides a “Shared” training host option which will allow you access our free training and job's program from their shared host account. The shared hosting is 100% Free with limited spots available. If the shared server is full you can get on a waiting list for first available.

Option 2 – Dedicated Training Host Account

Online Training Host provides a “Dedicated” training host option which will allow you to access our free training and job's program from a dedicated connection on their server. They do charge a small one-time fee but is the best option because they do always have dedicated hosting available.